ALL logo Co-directors: Andrew G. Barto and Sridhar Mahadevan

The Autonomous Learning Laboratory (ALL) carries out foundational interdisciplinary research on machine learning and computational models of biological learning. Autonomous learning refers to what a self-reliant agent must do to learn from its own experiences.

The long-term goals of the laboratory are to develop more capable artificial agents, to improve our understanding of biological learning and its neural basis, and to forge stronger links between studies of learning by computer scientists, engineers, neuroscientists, and psychologists.

Areas of interest include reinforcement learning, machine learning, abstraction, hierarchy, motor control, robotics, computational neuroscience and developmental psychology.

Lab News

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New grant to investigate Mars with deep learning highlighted in the news!

Kristina Fedorenko won the Oustanding Teaching Assistant Award @ UMass' OAA '16!

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Congratulations to our recent student award winners:

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